Chess Club -2013

Chess, the strategist game, a game where the minds collide and our school plays a big role in this game.

The chess team has shown a huge amount of growth over the past years. This extra-mural which is co-ordinated by Mr. Felix and Mr. Muzenda have assembled a group of young minds filled with enthusiasm and skill to participate in this activity which involves patients, tactical thinking and calculated strategies.

The numbers of chess players has grown substantially over the years and has shown the talent and improvement of the students thinking capabilities. Mr Muzenda would regularly issue challenges to the students to battle him in chess and he would be surprised and proud that most of his students have surpassed the master. Recently the chess team has chosen their top chess students to compete in a chess tournament in East London. They have shown much potential and were able to win a number of matches.

Showing much intellect when playing and respecting other players when they play, the chess team has shown much respect for others and for the extra-mural





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