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Welcome to the U.H.S Community Portal

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Welcome To Umtata High School. The school is situated in the central business district of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. A very important structure in the city, the schoolis bordered by the Transkei Primary School on one side and the famous Nelson Mandela Museum on the other side.  Across the N2 road which is the other boundary of the school is the Viljoen Hostel for UHS students.  The Colours of the school are white, black, gold, and dark green. The school uniform and all the school regalia is made from these colours.


Inside the school there are two main divisions that you will find amongst the buildings. There is the main complex which joins the administration block with the science labs, also connected to this is the double storey section which has 13 classrooms and computer labs. Below the computer labs is the parking area, and below the Geography classroom is the famous Matric Quad. The other section of the school is comprised of the old block of classes which used to be the junior section , some time ago. This section comprised of 10 classrooms. In the centre of these classes you find the flag area, where the annual ceremony of the bell is held.


There is a lot to describe about the school, please feel free to peruse the website pages and send us your suggestions as to how we can make this site as effective as possible.



The community

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